- Bernd Lohner

Quantum Fiber Internet by Lumen - get $100 off by using the below referral link to sign up.

I switched last year and service has been 100% reliable at a great price:

$50 for 500/500 mbit/s or $75 for 940/940 mbit/s - no installation cost, no charge for the ONT

Both Plans includes WiFi360 with up to 4 Plume Pods (great Hardware)

New for February 2024: $30 200/200 is gone again - I will keep checking and update when that plan comes back.

You can check everything at but only signing up through the above link will give you a $100 credit.

If you would rather sign up over the phone or are signing up to activate instant service in a condo/apartment please call 800-230-6886 and use the code: GANFHWJT