- Bernd Lohner

Quantum Fiber Internet by Lumen - get $100 off by using the below referral link to sign up.

I switched last year and service has been 100% reliable at a great price:

$50 for 500/500 mbit/s or $75 for 940/940 mbit/s - no installation cost, no charge for the ONT

Both Plans includes WiFi360 with up to 4 Plume Pods (great Hardware)

New for December 2023: $30 200/200 can be ordered again (no free WiFi360 but you can use your own router)

You can check everything at but only signing up through the above link will give you a $100 credit.

If you would rather sign up over the phone or are signing up to activate instant service in a condo/apartment please call 800-230-6886 and use the code: WCFBJVSP 

T-Mobile Mobile Phone Service

Great Plans - including free data/sms roaming in many countries, discount for 55+, First Responders, Military etc...

Sign up using for extra offers